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Simple, privacy-proof client register

For businesses, associations & event organizers to (let) visitors register digitally with a QR code in the context of covid-19.

Register your business, association or event

Register via Blablaspot and immediately receive your QR code via mail.Within 10 minutes, your clients or customers are checking in.

BlaBlaSpot's features

Enjoy all benefits that Blablaspot has to offer you.

  • Completely anonymous

    Your customer decides what he or she registers.As manager, you won't see the data.

  • Customer validation

    Each customer receives a confirmation mail. This can be used to verify the check-in and gives us a guarantee that the address is in use.

  • Digital and user friendly

    No hassle with papers.Clean and simple form.

  • Unique link and QR-code

    You will receive a personal link that you can place on your website and a QR-code that you can print for your customers to scan.

How does it work?

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    1. Register your business or event

    Register your business or event via the registration form. After registration you will immediately receive your personal BlaBlaSpot link that visitors can use to register.

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    2. Receive a personal QR code and link

    After registering your business, association or event, you will receive a personal link ( Besides this, you will also receive a QR code to bring your customers or members straight to this link for their check-in.

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    3. Visitors can check-in

    You can add the registration form directly to your website, print the QR code or share it on social media. Visitors can easily check-in via any of these methods.

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    4. We take care of the rest!

    The contact data is stored encrypted in a database. You cannot access the data of your visitors yourself. BlaBlaSpot shares data with the government in case of a confirmed COVID-19 infection.

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    5. Request your data

    To guarantee your privacy, you can request your registrations at any time as a visitor. Visits older than 2 weeks* are deleted from the system!*For Antwerp, this is four weeks at the moment

About BlaBlaSpot

BlaBlaSpot is a service that manages your visitors' data in a privacy-safe manner

BlaBlaSpot excels in its simplicity. After registering your business, event or association, you will immediately receive a unique QR code with link. No manual registration, no waiting time.

This allows visitors to register their presence in your business or at your event. You verify the visitor's registration with the confirmation page or email. That way you don't have to keep paper lists.

Unlike other solutions, Blablaspot encrypts and manages the data. We only release it to the government in the context of a COVID-19 contamination. This guarantees the privacy of your customers!